18 July 2013

We've moved to Wordpress!

No, it's not because the devil is within us...
...it's because it's--gasp--prettier over there. Head on over to notverypretty.wordpress.com and get your follow on. You can still subscribe to posts by email, and maybe there will be a new influx of them again? No promises!

19 January 2013

I've made many discoveries as a paleontologist

One notable one is that I'm often Not Very Pretty:

Thanks to Other Allison for capturing these gems.

10 January 2013

Movin' on up

The escalator, that is. As well as the NVP-meter.

09 January 2013

Don't interrupt my Taco Bell consumption

PRIORITY: Eating Taco Bell.
NOT A PRIORITY: Looking pretty.
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